Long Term Care Medicaid

Long Term Care Medicaid

Medicaid – Nursing home Medicaid is different from any Medicaid assistance your loved one may have in the community.

Medicaid applications are lengthy and will require an in-depth five-year financial review or “lookback” in most cases. This means they will inspect your finances for the past five years and ask questions or explanations about any large sums of money you have received.

Items Required for

Long Term Care Medicaid

Financial Account Statements

Most recent monthly or quarterly statements from all the applicant’s financial accounts including all bank, investments, IRAs, 401Ks and / or annuities. In addition, 5 years of year-end bank statements for each account. Learn about 5 year lookback.

Social Security Administration Letter

Letter from the Social Security Administration that shows the amount of gross Social Security income & deductions the applicant receives.

Income Verification Letter(s) or Tax Forms

Income verification letters or tax forms that document all income streams including: wages, pensions, royalties and / or interest. These comes from the payer of the income.

Proof of Health Insurance Coverage and Costs

Recent statement showing the amount of the health insurance premiums and documents which evidence the types and amounts of coverage such as Medicare, Part D and Supplemental Insurance.

Family Trust Documents

List of the items and assets in the trust and beneficiaries.

Proof of Life Insurance Assignment

If relevant and lists beneficiaries.

Durable Power of Attorney

If a POA exists and letter of incompetency if POA is springing.

Funeral Trust Document

If relevant and lists beneficiaries.

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