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Application for Employment

Applicant Instructions

Thank you for your interest in working at our facility. We appreciate your application and look forward to the possibility of your joining our team. This sheet is for your information. Please feel free to take it with you for your reference.

Please complete the application. Please neatly print all information so it may be easily read. Be sure all blanks are completely filled out and signed. Addresses must be complete with zip codes and apartment numbers. Use the abbreviation N/A if a particular provision or section in the application is not applicable to you.

You may indicate your interest in as many job openings as you like on one application. Applications and attached documents become the property of this facility once they have been submitted. You are responsible for ensuring that copies of any documents that you wish to attach to your application are, in fact, attached. All required resumes, transcripts, tests and certifications must be attached to the application when submitted. If you already have these documents on file with our office, please notify the Receptionist when you submit your application.

The Personnel Office will not make copies of resumes, transcripts, applications, or other materials. When you are finished with your application, please give it to the Receptionist. We will submit it to the hiring supervisor and you will be contacted by them if you are selected for an interview.

Incomplete Application Will Not Be Considered

Applications will be held open for ninety days. After ninety days if you are still interested in a position with our company you will need to resubmit an application.

Employment decisions are made solely on the basis of qualifications to perform the work for which you are applying. Qualifications include education, training, work experience and other factors which are relevant in determining job performance. Credentials and experience will be verified through schools, former employers and licensing/certification agencies, if applicable. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, decisions to hire and promote are made without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex physical or mental disability (unrelated to ability to do the job) or age ( defined by law).

The Company utilizes the E-Verify system for all employment verifications.

In accordance with the Department of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization Service you will be required to complete an Employment Eligibility Verification form I-9 and furnish documents in accordance with the list of acceptable documents. This requirement must be met at the time of employment.

Please Note The Following

Federal/State regulations require that all employees be tested annually for TB. If you have had a TB test within the last year you must contact your previous employer and provide this facility with a copy of your test showing the dates of test and results. If you test positive we require, prior to employment, documentation from the health department that verifies that you, 1). Will always test positive, 2). Reason for positive results and 3). Are eligible to work in this industry.

This facility does not subscribe to the workers compensation program. We handle employee injuries that occur on the job through our own work injury program. You will have certain responsibilities in that regard if you are employed and wish to have such benefits available to you.